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Why scented candles make ideal gifts for any occasion

Are you looking for a great inexpensive gift for a friend or family member? Well, look no further. At Obique we have a wide variety of Scented Candles Collection. Scented Candles are one of the best gifts you could give or receive with or without an occasion!

The main reason why people love scented candles is that they are often used to change moods and bring relaxation. Consider giving a highly scented candle to someone who loves taking long bubble baths in the nice worm light of the candles. Gazing at the flame is a fascinating experience and relaxes both the eyes and the mind.

One of the best reasons to give candles as a gift is their aromatherapy effects. Aromatherapy is the practice of using scents and fragrances to create an atmosphere that relaxes the senses. As you study the different benefits of the aromatherapy, connected to particular scents, you will better understand how to choose the fragrance best suited for the person you want to give it to. Keep in mind that you can lean-to the day’s stresses with the healing effects of lavender, crocus and orchid. Special blends of cigarette’s, coffee and chocolates helps you chill out and refocus. You can awaken your senses with the refreshing blend of green tea and citrus.

Candles make the perfect gifts for both men and women, for any given occasion.

Below we’ve added the collections of scented candles in a decorative jar that appeal to both men and women.

Plants & Flowers Collection – Includes: Iris, Rose, Lily, Magnolia, White Orchid, Pink Orchid, Lavender, Magnolia, Pear, Vanilla and Cotton.Obique Plants Flowers Scented Candles

Tea Time Collection -Includes: Green Tea, Black tea, Jasmin Tea, Red Tea, Green Tea – Fruitful, Green Tea – Verbena, Green Tea – Bergamot, Fruits Iced and White Tea.Obique Tea Time Scented Candles
Assorted Fruits Collection – Includes: Strawberry, Cherry, Honey and Melon, Green Apple.Obique Assorted Fruits Scented Candles Relaxing Home Collection – Includes: For You-Every day and Home and Kitchen.Obique Relaxing Home Scented Candles
Cold Seasons Collection – Includes: Winter Tutti Frutti – sweet fruits, Winter Tutti Frutti – green fruits, Autumn Gifts and Antarctica Continents.Obique Cold Season Scented Candles Coffee, Tobacco & Cigarettes Collection – Includes: Cigarettes and Coffee.Obique Coffee Tobacco Scented Candles
Citrus Fruit Collection – Includes: Orange and Lemon.
Obique Citrus Fruit Scented Candles
Romantic Mood Collection – Chocolate and Love Only Love.Obique Romantic Mood Scented Candles
Tutti Frutti Collection – Exotic Fruit, Wild Forest Fruit, Delicious Cherry, and Sweet Orange.Obique Tutti Frutti Scented Candles Herbs & Spices Collection – Italy, India, Mexico.Obique Herbs & Spices Scented Candles

As you can see, scented candles in a jar make excellent gifts for any occasion. Since everyone can easily use scented candles in any room of their home, you can be sure they will be enjoyed.

Obique Scented Candles

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